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Way way back when I first reviewed 13 Frightened Girls, I watched it with my youngest son, Joshua and hoped to cajole him into offering up his perspective. A much younger viewpoint to balance out the critique or to prove you didn’t have to be the ancient mariner to enjoy movies made before the year 1995. I think we did about three movies this way. I know The Uninvited (which will be coming your way at another date) was one. Girls was another. I can’t remember the rest were or if there were any but if there are, I’ll be sure to eventually catch up to them.

I wish we had done more, but he just wasn’t into it as Final Fantasy and The Last of Us beckoned him away from me. But not wanting to just discard this bit of phenomenal prose, I bring it to you in all it’s glory. The picture by the way is one I made with one of The Sims Games. So here’s what he thought of 13 Frightened Girls.

13 Frightened Girls is an older movie that offers viewers an unusual but effective plot. Born in the ’90s, I grew up on one spy movie after another, each one more ridiculous and silly than the next. I’m here to tell you that 13 Frightened girls is the silliest and most ridiculous of them all…and yet somehow it’s a movie with a formula that works! 

Candace (often referred to as the spy, Kitten) is a 16 year old girl that is very ditsy and has an appalling taste in older men. This taste in older men leads her to become a very unusual spy in order to help out the much older man that she has a crush on: Wally. At this point in the movie I found myself thinking that it was a dud, but out of respect for good old Hollywood I kept watching; I’m glad I did.

As the plot of 13 Frightened Girls progressed, the creators managed to instill a sense of seriousness into the theme, and before long I was anxious to find out what was going to happen next. From sneaking around the depths of Mai-Ling’s gigantic mansion to wooing sexy teenage boys, Candace (aka Kitten), shows us that even for a diplomat’s daughter she’s got real spunk!

A majority of the scenes in this movie led me to realize just how silly the overall premise was, but that doesn’t detract from the entertaining and rather unique plot. My biggest gripe with this movie is the fact that the ’13 girls’ that were supposed to be Castle’s big gimmick for this particular movie, added practically nothing to the plot as a whole. We see some very pretty girls who are only really called on to help out once, but in general they were either missing entirely, or simply on the screen as scenery.

13 Frightened Girls is well worth watching, but it is far from the best spy movie I’ve ever seen. I commend the creators, writers, directors, etc. for making me laugh and feel a certain amount of tension in the same movie, but by the time the end rolled around I felt like something was missing, despite the good time that I had while watching it. I recommend giving this movie a shot if you’re in the mood for something that’s somewhere between a comedy and an action flick. It fits nicely into both worlds and is good at what it does. I give 13 Frightened Girls an 8/10

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