Clyde’s Movie Palace: Bitch Slap (2009)

Up until a few days ago, I didn’t know that a Bitch Slap movie existed.  I’d been watching some video’s on YouTube of commentator and podcaster, John Campea.  I latched onto his YouTube broadcast a couple of weeks ago strictly by accident when it popped up with his commentary regarding the Scarlett Johansson/Disney mess.  Some […]

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I hoped to be done with this political crap. But I guess you never are.

Having deleted my Facebook Personal Page permanently, I keep my Clyde’s Alley Public Facebook Page associated with this blog.  Granted, I’ve not exactly set the blogging world on fire with posts recently, but I always hope that more blogging with more in-depth content is just around the corner.  Sure.  But you can catch up on […]

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Christmas/New Years 2020/2021

I’ve finally have completely disengaged myself from Facebook. I’ve known all along I was wasting my time there. It had turned into nothing more than a stream of urine circling the drain. Trumpanzees were always pissing me off and I’d hit them with a block. I’ve had several cousins block me because I dared to […]

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TV Ghosts of Christmases Past: Father Knows Best (1954-1960) Season 1 Episode 8: Thanksgiving Day

Having spent Thanksgiving Day with the Baxters, let’s travel across town for a different kind of Thanksgiving. Notice that I said different, not necessarily better. Whereas George Baxter was a high falutin’ fancy duds lawyer, Jim Anderson is just a low falutin’ not so fancy duds insurance salesman. He can’t afford a maid so he […]

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Clyde’s Classic Holiday TV: Hazel (1961-1966) Season 1 Episode 9: Everybody’s Thankful But Us Turkeys

From Wikipedia: Hazel is a competent, take-charge, live-in maid in the home of the Baxter family. George Baxter (Don DeFore) is a partner in the law firm of Butterworth, Hatch, Noll and Baxter; Hazel calls him “Mr. B”. George’s wife, Dorothy (Whitney Blake), is an interior decorator, whom Hazel nicknames “Missy”. Their son Harold (Bobby […]

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Clyde’s Movie Palace: Two on a Guillotine (1965)

I know that when Two on a Guillotine was released, they had some scary ads on television to entice young impressionable minds to head to the local cinema and get the crap scared out of them.  Afterwards you could go home, hide under the blankets, and have nightmares for the rest of your adolescent and […]

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War of the Worlds (1953) has been one of my favorite Science Fiction films for as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure when was the last time that I watched it.  But what can one expect when you have literally a few thousand movies at your disposal on DVD/Blu-ray? Sometimes it takes a […]

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