I May Be Wrong But…

Sometimes it’s just good but people are going to hate on it anyway.

Back when the Coen Brother’s remake of True Grit was released, I thought it was a fairly good movie when I first saw it at the theater but not particularly great and not as good as the original that won John Wayne an Oscar.

But then, I’m such a big fan of the original that I couldn’t help but anticipate another interpretation of the Charles Portis book on which both movies were based.

So the blu-ray purchase of True Grit was a no brainer for me.  Except upon a second viewing, I was even less impressed with the rehash for many reasons I won’t go into on this blog except to say that while Jeff Bridges may be a great actor, his interpretation of Rooster Cogburn left a lot to be desired.  (Yes Virginia, I do have another blog).

Flash forward to the remake of Carrie that was released to theaters in 2013, and home video just a few weeks ago.

I had seen the film in the theaters and was really impressed.  I thought it did many things very well that DePalma’s stylized classic version missed out on.  In fact, despite knowing the story well, I thought that director Kimberly Pierce had done a much better job of building tension and suspense.

The question was, would I still feel the same after a second viewing on blu-ray.  The answer is, yes I did.  In fact I feel even more strongly about my original critique.

I think the film was a victim of those critics who hold Brian DePalma’s original in such high esteem, that it wouldn’t have mattered how good this film was.

Still, the film should have been a bigger hit.  I get irritated with movie audiences who flock to claptrap like the Paranormal movies, but stay away from a well made horror film in droves.

Sometimes first impressions do hold up.

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