I May Be Wrong But…

Sue Randall as Miss Alice Landers on Leave It To Beaver was the greatest teacher ever to grace any TV series.  She had everything.

She was beautiful, charming, understanding,  patient, and looked simply swell in a tennis outfit.

She seemed to have little tolerance for the Judy Hensler’s of the world and that may have been her biggest asset.  No wonder Beaver had such a crush on her and was absolutely devastated when Miss Landers became engaged.

Sometime last year some half-assed web site listed the most memorable teachers in television history.  It was another one of those crappy lists made up by the someone who thought television didn’t begin broadcasting until 1990.  Miss Landers didn’t even make the list.  And if she isn’t on your list of the best television teachers ever, then your list isn’t worth a pile of manure.

Because as I said, not only should she have been on your list, nobody but nobody tops Miss Landers.

Jerry Mathers as Beaver Cleaver, Sue Randall as Miss Landers, Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver.

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