Christmas/New Years 2020/2021

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I’ve finally have completely disengaged myself from Facebook. I’ve known all along I was wasting my time there. It had turned into nothing more than a stream of urine circling the drain.

Trumpanzees were always pissing me off and I’d hit them with a block. I’ve had several cousins block me because I dared to question their intelligence, and I in turn have blocked cousins, sisters, ex-wives, and other acquaintances who decided to wrap their miniscule thought processes around Trump Monster worship.

A few weeks ago Facebook had removed one of my posts. I made a joke about not knowing what it was and asked if anybody remembered. It was actually a post my sister had made and had removed for some reason. I was trying to make a point about Facebook removing posts, even to the point of the old “You have memories to share” crap and when you click to see what they were, several of them wouldn’t even show up. Some fucking memories, eh?

Well, a relative made the smart-ass remark that if you can’t remember what it was, then maybe you’re posting too much.

And I thought, you know he’s exactly right. So I deleted my personal account (this blog’s account is still there, thanks to some co-administrators I had appointed just in case) so I can cross post my very few and very far between blog articles.) Now, he doesn’t have to be bugged about my abundance of posts and I am free from the necessity of posting stuff nobody was reading anyway. Just like this blog.

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Christmases just aren’t what they used to be in so many ways. Many of the people my wife and I used to spend the holidays with have either moved away or passed on. She does have some friends from work, but none of them ever come to the house to visit although one parked herself in front of the TV with my wife on Christmas Day to watch Wonder Woman 1984 because we have HBO Max and she doesn’t. My wife tells me she doesn’t even have regular internet. No disdain here. I didn’t have decent internet until two months ago when T-Mobile/Sprint stepped in and finally rescued me from three years of total ISP misery.

Wife and friend were supposed to watch with me in my office because it has the best TV and the best surround system but it didn’t work out. Instead they watched in the living room on the 65 inch Vizio TV with the cheap Vizio Sound Bar. I took a nap having made up my mind I wasn’t going to watch the movie on crappy half assed streaming. I’ll wait for the forth coming physical media in the form of a 4K disc.

My wife and I used to watch films together all the time but now it’s a rare thing. Audrey is now a Tik-Tok addict. We were supposed to watch a couple tonight (New Years Eve) but I got sick and went to bed for a while. I spend as much time being ill these days as I do feeling half way decent.

I’ve made up my mind to do better in 2021. It’s a vow I always make but am seldom able to keep. Does anybody anywhere actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve also decided to give up on trying to cram in my Christmas Movie watching between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Between work and other projects, there’s never enough time. And sleep. I always seem to need a lot of sleep these days. Some of the films I’ve watched this year on 4K and Bluray are It’s A Wonderful Life, Gremlins, Home Alone, Come to the Stable (You can find the review here), Scrooge (1951 version with Alistair Sim), The Holiday, and Holiday Inn. Come to the Stable was actually an up-conversion of a regular DVD. So I’ll scatter them throughout the year.

There’s also the sad tale that I’ve actually written and made screen caps of a new Christmas movie review but only managed to get it about 85 per cent complete. I’ll still post it, even if it’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday when I do. Life gets in the way.

Other than that I can still wish you a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year. I do wish you all the best. Most of you. I will never wish any Trump Monkey the best of anything and will pray and hope the cult gets flushed down the commode with the Trump Monster to make this world a better place. Of course, that would mean losing half of the backwards thinking clowns in the area I live in but those are the breaks.

To the rest of you, wear a mask, social distance, and try to keep your sanity. Happy New Year.

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