Olbermann: Trump Monster And His Army of Igor’s continue to murder hundreds of thousands

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I should have been sharing these Keith Olbermann videos throughout the past couple of months. However, it’s not like this blog has many followers that would have viewed them if I had. The other side of that coin is maybe I would have gathered up a few more followers if I had been suitably posting them.

But I was trying to ween myself off of the whole Republican Party and Trump Debacle that continues unabated and probably will remain so for some time. They have a wonderfully enraptured audience in the United States of Perpetual Stupidity. And it’s just not the tens of millions of stupid people who used their vegetating brain cells to vote for Trump. It’s the total indifference to the GOP driven Coup D’état blatant attempt to invalidate our election, and in the process, destroy what minuscule amount of our democracy that remains. All of this, while millions of Americans are fighting off the infestation of Covid-19. Nearly 300,000 of them have already succumbed to the grim reaper.

Olbermann is right here, but he also needs to acknowledge why the treasonous antics of Trump Monster and his long list of Republican Igor’s can continue with this horse manure even now. It’s because Trumpenstein and his endless supply of Igor’s have reached into the formaldehyde jar of American brains and found the grand prize in the one labeled stupid. My hope is that every single one of the stupid people continue to send every dollar to Trump Monster and his allies because apparently praising Trump is the only thing that sustains them, not food or drink.

And now this.

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