Donald Trump loves to throw the word nasty around. Especially when it comes to women. Double especially when it comes to women of color and he wasted no time using his imbecilic derogatory mindless simple-minded vocabulary on Kamala Harris.

But we all know who the real disgusting twat is, don’t we? It’s not Kamala.

And now this, because Kamala isn’t taking any of your nonsense.

Let me leave you with this for the time being. In my previous post I called Melania, the First Lady Whore. That wasn’t nice I suppose but it’s the best euphemism I can think of for someone who sells herself to Trump Monster in order to get a phony Visa (Einstein Visa? That’s a big laugh!) and uses his connections and money to trot her parents over here while kids are being left in cages. Don Winslow will explain it all:

Be afraid Donald Trump. Be very afraid.

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