Just two weeks ago in an interview with Mike Wallace, President Trump Monster boasted that in just 14 days, he would have a new health care plan that would totally shame Obamacare. It would be great, it would be the best, there would be nothing like it! And now we know what that plan is.

It’s the same one he promised four years ago at all of his Maga Rallies to all the mindless Zombies who cheered him on. The plan is nothing. Just another blast of hot air blowing in from Trump’s choice of golf courses for the weekend. This is the same plan the Repugnicans in Congress have been crowing about as they made it their mission to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. They’ve been working their useless asses off trying to repeal it and the protections it provides while not really giving a royal crap if they replace it or not. And if somehow they manage to repeal protection from previous conditions while the Corona Calamity rages like a demented prostitute, we might as well hang it up. Being in the Senate and the House of Representatives, they’ll always have the best protection that our taxes can buy so why bother with the little people?

And The Meidas Touch People are here to keep you up to date,

There may be a very good reason why Trump Monster has no health care plan. For instance, he’s hard at work trying to make it more difficult for the citizenry to vote because mail-in ballots will lead to corruption. Except they never have and no reason to believe that they ever will.

But Trump Monster and his Crime Family are doing their best to put a stop to such a lame thing as Democracy, going so far as to appoint a cohort to run the Post Office into the ground for him.

So what if Baby Huey wants to make it more difficult for you to vote. It’s not like he would have the need to vote by mail. Unless of course he was too stupid to find his correct polling precinct.

Trump Monster Loves Mothers and I would be amiss if I didn’t help him pay tribute to them, with a little help from The Lincoln Project.

Last, and maybe even least, I want to send out my tribute to Herman Cain who tweeted about the great rally he was going to in Tulsa Oklahoma. So here for all to see is Herman’s great tweet talking about all the fun he would have in Oklahoma. Hope it was worth it, big guy. Rest in Peace.

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