This is not only Trump’s doing although he is certainly the most responsible with his totally completely inept handling of the Corona out break from the very beginning.

These deaths are a tribute to the spoiled brain damaged Americans who continue to go about their merry way not giving a shit. Which is why it may be a long time before the Corona Calamity subsides. Most of those mental midgets are in fact Trump Monster Lemmings. We not only have to get rid of Trump, we have to start marginalizing the stupidity in this country and quit giving them free reign to inflict their Neanderthal ways on the rest of us who have some degree of intelligence or this country will have a snowballs chance in hell of surviving the future.

Somehow those entities like Fox News and Sinclair broadcasting not only have to be called out, but there has to be some way to limit the use of broadcasting solely for propaganda purposes and label it as such.

Sinclair, which owns KBAK here in Kern County,, is another culprit. They have taken over most of the local stations in this country, not only to make money but so they can spread right wing bullshit from sea to shining sea. They were dead set on airing the rantings of a previously discredited lunatic Judy Mikovits. They had to be majorly shamed into pulling the video but this is only one example of the thousands they make the local stations they own run on a regular basis.

From CNN:

The episode of Bolling’s show that featured the conspiracy theory was also pulled from local Sinclair websites, where it is often posted before airing on the stations over the weekend. People now trying to access the videos on local Sinclair websites are met with an error page.

The company confirmed in a series of tweets that it had pulled the segment from this weekend’s programming. A spokesperson for the company did not respond to an email from CNN Business asking whether it was appropriate at all to give airtime to a conspiracy theory like this one, even if presented alongside other views.

In the episode of the show that was set to air, Bolling spoke with Judy Mikovits, the medical researcher featured in the discredited “Plandemic” video that went viral earlier this year and which was banned from platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Throughout the segment, the on-screen graphic read, “DID DR. FAUCI CREATE COVID-19?”

Earlier this morning I saw a picture of a public swimming pool in Wisconsin, crowded with wall to wall citizenry practicing no social distancing at all. It was like watching a 100 or more idiots pretending to be Siamese Twins. Click the picture to get the whole disgusting story.

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