I may be wrong but Donald Trump is this country’s first wannabe dictator.

Thirty percent of this country over all still approve of our new Dictator-in-chief who among other things, has admitted sending his own personal Gestapo into Oregon to round people up in unmarked vans as if they had no rights whatsoever, then taking them off to undisclosed locations to be interrogated. If you for one second think he’s going to stop there, you are an ignoramus and know nothing of the History of the World unless you saw it in a Mel Brooks movie.

Worse news: 49 per cent of White Americans approve of Trump and will vote for him. 49 per cent of Uh’mer’cans are blatant White Supremacists.

Trump Monster admits he’s not going to accept the election results if he loses. The new Postmaster General, out to destroy the Post Office from within and now under Trump’s control will do his best to make sure mail-in ballots don’t make it to their destination on time, or they will mysteriously disappear. Even now he has taken steps telling local Post Offices to slow down delivery.

And should he lose the election? He’s setting himself up to disregard the results.

Trump and Company have been out to destroy the Affordable Care Act with no replacement since he took office. Trump, as usual, says they are going to unleash a new plan in two weeks. He’s been saying this since he took office and as Aaron points out the two week time frame is always pulled out of his ass when he has no plan.

He also throws out a do-do-brained scared for his cultists that Democrats are out to destroy religion. This from an asshole who has probably only been in a church no more than three times in his entire life. But he knows his lemming brained base who believe any maggot waste he spews from this facial orifice.

As for his prediction that the corona virus would just go away, he says he was right because eventually it will go away. And any pea brain except the G.O.P. lemmings knew what he really meant. As for now, it’ll go away after how many infections and deaths?

And why no National Mandate to wear masks as other countries have done to curtail the virus successfully? Here’s the imbecile’s response: “Masks cause problems too.” As far as I know Mr. Puke for Brains, masks have not killed 140,000 U.S. Citizens. This is the so called leader 49 per cent of white people plan to vote for? Is it no wonder this country is lost?

And the Confederate flag? Trump tries to proclaim it’s a celebration of the South instead of what it really is: A tribute to racism and a flag carried by those who miss the days of slavery and segregation.

And American Generals? Trump doesn’t give a crap what they have to say.

As usual Trump proclaims the polls showing him behind as fake polls. Nothing new there. Democrats want to keep the schools closed just to piss him off. He’s that big of an idiot.

And as for that cognitive test he took? It turns out its so simple an imbecile could have passed it. But I have my sincere doubts that Trump Monster actually took the test himself.

I never thought that I’d live to see the day this country was turned over to such a useless slice of rotting from the neck up pig slop. But we were warned. Thirty years of Republican propaganda destroying Hillary gave us this mess because most Americans will never be anything but a mindless lemming.

Don’t say we weren’t warned.


  1. Unfortunately I’m afraid it’s going to be a nightmare in this country for the foreseeable future because no one has the balls to tell him, “NO!” It’s infuriating to know how many people have been brainwashed by this buffoon, and I can’t explain why ANY woman would be one of his supporters. If he wants his schools open, have his stupid cult rallies, and spew filth and hatred, fine. However in order to do those things we have to take care of this virus first. Portland is in turmoil, the governor and the mayor are suing to get the gestapo out of the city, and he’s still refusing to pull them back. It’s practice for how he’ll operate between now and January 20th next year. I’m concerned to say the very least.

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    1. He’s already threatening to send his Gestapo troops into Chicago and other cities. Make no mistake about it. This is not about fighting crime but to bring the citizenry under his control.


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