I may be wrong but I insist that you watch this video. That goes doubly especially if you’re a parent with kids,

I don’t know what’s going on as some have been saying Twitter has been trying to block lot of material lately.

That doesn’t surprise me. Twitter is full of crap and these days I only use it when it’s a necessity. For videos like this I see if You-tube has it. The recent hack on Twitter tells me that when on their site, proceed with extreme care and caution. Please share this video where ever you can.

One more thing. I was reading a thread on Facebook yesterday in regards to mask wearing. Reading through these exercises in crapola, one would think that everybody on the planet suddenly sees themselves as scientists and doctors. So much so that we could probably staff several hundred hospitals with these self-appointed Trumpanzee experts. They have to whine and wail because after Costco made shopping with a mask mandatory, they thought they could just move all their business to Walmart and Sam’s Club. But now those two corporations have dictated masks so they have no place to go.

Here’s a suggestion: They should just stay home, turn on Fox News while listening to Rush Limbaugh, salivating over Sean Hannity while laying in their recliner masturbating furiously to Der Furher, Donald Trump Monster.

It’ll keep them out of mischief and let those of us with an intellect go on about our business without having to put up with their idiocy and then I could stay out of that cave I was writing about just yesterday.

Here’s your reward for reading and watching:

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