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I may be wrong but it seems to me that Ivanka Trump She-Monster has probably never knowingly ate beans from a can let alone figure out how to work the can opener. Yet, there she was on Twitter proudly holding a can of Goya Beans as if suddenly it became her favorite food. It looked as if the photo was snapped in a hotel room just before room service was bringing up her order of caviar and champagne. She probably gave the waiter bringing the food a can of beans as a tip once the picture was snapped and sent to Twitter. Or maybe Robert Unanued, the Latino version of Trump ass kissing, had the can delivered straight to her from his warehouse.

You’ve probably read that Uanued had his head all up in the ass of the Trump Crime Family. Never you mind that Trump Monster has shown nothing but disgust towards the Latino community that buys the Goya brand. But it’s not like this guy goes hobnobbing with anybody who can’t afford a maid to cook those Goya beans for them. Because I guarantee you he doesn’t.

He’s like any other CEO. Make the millions and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the people making you those millions. Trump thinks Latinos and Mexicans are nothing but drug dealer and racists? Uanued won’t let that stand in the way of a good White House Photo-op. And his statements afterwards only prove that when it comes to being involved, Mr. Unanued is clueless.

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Right winger Trump Supporters, being the brain damaged lot that they are, started their buy-cott so they could take their little cans of beans home and set them in the pantry to be discovered there all rusted and swollen 20 years later when their house is being cleaned out upon their demise. These white-bred racist idiots aren’t about to open a can of Goya Beans when they can just as easily drive down to Taco Bell or Del Taco to get their favorite real Mexican food.

It’s just like these nincompoops did with Ivanka’s Perfume which is manufactured in great American cities located in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. They descended on Amazon like maggots in a garbage can to snatch up Ivanka She-Monster’s Cologne De La Trump-Ass when she was boycotted even though they had to send the kids to bed hungry for a few nights to come up with enough cash to smell like a Trump mule.

Cookbook author and blogger Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack who used to recommend Goya Products is searching for alternatives. I had to laugh at the fact that Goya representatives once wanted to partner with Yvette but she had to turn them down. Why? Because Uanued wanted to compensate her in canned bean products. No, I’m not joking. This guy is so much like Trump, spending lavishly on himself while showing disdain for those who make his company profitable.

I read that somewhere around 35 per cent of the Latino community were big Trump fans. I don’t know why and its a real head scratcher. Where I live, here in Kern County, that percentage probably balloons upward quite a bit. This is despite the fact that Trump Monster thinks they are nothing more than bantha fodder. Go figure.

But hey, I’ve been rough on Trump She-Monster tonight so I’ll let her have the last word. Just because I’m that kind of guy.

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