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I may be wrong but I started writing a short comment on Facebook and it began to get lengthy so I decided that if I was going to post something that long for nobody to read, then I just as well use it on my blog, add a few hundred more words or so, then make a post so nobody could read it here as well.

The inspiration for my rant was one of the videos at the bottom of a page located on Raw Story. I don’t always make it a habit to share articles from there because it’s bait and click stuff much of the time, and because they have more ads blasting at you per second than you want to deal with. But they had these CNN video’s which were on YouTube so I figure we were on safe ground.

It’s another great day in the US for the President Trump Monster and his enablers operating their Corona Calamity like their own personal Carnival of Horrors. Today’s dirty unwashed Trump bullshit is to smear Dr. Fauci because he’s not one of the idiots like our own Kevin McCarthy, Florida’s Marco Rubio, Ohio’s Jim Jordan, Fresno’s Devin Nunes, or Kentucky’s Thoroughbred Turtle Horse’s Ass Moscow Mitch McConnell to name just a few. Fauci won’t wipe Trump’s ass like they do on a daily basis.

Trump and one of his guillotine operators, Betsy DeVos, want to get your children back in school and to hell with any safety procedures that might interfere with their plans to get their stock prices up. We know for sure that if Cruella DeVos had her way she’d close up every public school from the Atlantic to the Pacific and onward to Hawaii just so her and her grifting husband’s bank accounts and stock portfolios will continue to grow from their investments in Charter and Private Schools. So what if your kids get sick? So what if some of them may even die? What’s important is this bitch’s financial gain. She says, “Only .02 percent of them will keel over and croak so no big loss. She doesn’t mention that percentage is equal to well over 14,000 kids. Kind of a bit different when you put it in real numbers.

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Nor does she mention that those students will also be spreading their virus to their families who will then spray it around the neighborhood more thoroughly than when an exterminator blasts cockroaches.

More examples: Marco Rubio making it damn clear its all about the money. It’s all about Wall Street. It’s all about putting on this charade that all is well. It’s all about me trying to figure out why Florida put this pantywaist back in office. And with Florida setting records in Corona infections, Trump’s ass clown lets you know what’s really important.

And Ted Cruz from Texas, who lets Trump Monster use his wife as a personal punching bag, had the privilege of not wearing a mask on American Airlines. Twitter is letting both of them have it because if he had been citizen nobody like you or me, they wouldn’t have let him on that flight. And Texas is in a dead sprint with Florida to see who can come up with the most infections. Guess the total of the day and win an honorary MAGA hat to ease your pain as you cough a lung up.

With Trump Monster smearing his feces all over poor old Doc Fauci, who is his new expert go to guy? Why none other than that Love Connection ex-game show host, mentally incompetent, senile asshole known as Chuck Woolery. This guy has everything in common with Trump including the former game show host title. Now who else can say that?

What all this was originally supposed to be about was this headline at Raw Story:

CNN host goes off on Trump as COVID-19 surges: ‘The president is peddling debunked illogical crap’

And this is my Facebook lead I was going to use that got all this rambling started:

True. He is. But American ignorance has had their hand in this as well. Everything you needed to know about that sick perverted grifting lawless racist worthless piece of slime was out there front and center 4 years ago but people in this country are so lazily ignorant they voted for him anyway. I can’t put it any other way. And those who continue to coddle Trump Monster’s Trumpanzee worshiping racist bozos are just as bad. I blocked one person on Facebook because that’s what they were doing and I got fed up with it. Why are you babying these jackasses? These people don’t need to be given a voice. They need to be shunned, ridiculed, and their ignorance tampered down forever. At which point I was going to post the corresponding video which I’ll do here along with one in regards to Trump’s new smear campaign against Dr. Fauci.


  1. I absolutely love the colorful names you’ve given to our Monster in Chief and his pussy posse. I work for a school district, and the thought of going back to work right now is terrifying. I’m glad I live in a blue state, but unfortunately it’s still a very red county. I want to see my students’ faces again, but I fear for my health and the health of my family. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for these bumbling buffoons to do the right thing for this country, and how 30% of this country still believes every drop of shit the spews from his mouth. It’s mind boggling. I love your rants on FB, and now I have another place to enjoy your witty snark.


    1. Thank you for your kind compliments. I too live in a Red District and it’s maddening. This blog offers me the opportunity to spout off in ways I can’t on Facebook or Twitter. Some people say I’d have more of an audience if I’d clean up my snark and language. I did it that way for years and finally decided being nice about these things is rather useless. So when I started this blog a few months ago I decided it was going to be me, the way I am, and that’s that. Thanks again for your great comments and even more so for visiting. At least I know there’s someone out there who does so. Feel free to share any article at any time.


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