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I may be wrong but I made a post this morning on Facebook which stated my feelings about the same old same old. You know the drill. This country has become an inhospitable mess because of the stupefying dumbing down and self absorbed laziness of the population. I left it up for about five minutes and then took it back down. Who was I kidding? I wasn’t going to convince anybody.

There are those such as myself who understand why we’re having a Corona Calamity. Everybody else just goes on about their merry way accepting the mediocrity that has befallen us as if there is nothing they could, should, or want to do about it. But by golly, they’ll pray to Jeebus and everything will suddenly get better. Never mind that with Jeebus at the wheel we have over 130,000 deaths. Don’t bother them with the fact that Corona-19 is surging like a muther. They want what they want, they’ll have what they want, because they most assuredly will not be the ones to succumb to the current pandemic. And dammit, we aren’t going to wear no damn masks. We’re going to Disney World in Florida because we might as well visit Fantasy-land and have some fun, fun, fun before Corona-19, which is spreading at a record pace in the Sunshine state, takes our fun away.

I really am wishing that if we fail to dump not only Trump, but the entire enabling GOP in November, I’d just have to find a way to retire to Canada or somewhere. But who would have me, or any of us? Thanks to Trump Monster and company, we are already persona non grata in most European countries. Canada may not be in Europe but if you lived there and saw the nonsense going on across the border would you welcome us with open arms? I think not.

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There’s this small family owned restaurant near where I work. I don’t live in the area any longer so we seldom frequent it these days. When I leave work, I head in a different direction.

During much of the pandemic, they were selling takeout dinners and my wife bought a couple when she was in town one day taking care of business. We both agreed we didn’t get our money’s worth that we wouldn’t be getting anymore take out from there.

I guess the place finally opened up again although I don’t see how you could social distance in it. Yes, it’s that damn small and the booths are not even close to being six feet apart.

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But then word came down from the governor-on-high that because we couldn’t follow instructions, the virus was re-surging and restaurants would have to close up shop again. And the jackass who owns the place was quickly on Facebook having a shitty hissy fit as if the Governor Newsome had done this just to aggravate him and only him. And of course, Kern County being what it is, there was a lot of sympathetic replies telling him not to obey the orders and blah blah the governor was an asshole and blah blah we should all be able to come in and partake of your greasy burgers and who gives a damn if you spread the virus from one end of the County to the next. One woman, reminded him to be sure to sign the “new” petition to recall the governor because the first one they tried didn’t quite work out which anybody with half a brain could have told them.

Gathering up petitions to try and destroy anything to do with Democrats is like a hobby here in GOP Mindless Crappy-land. Especially among the elderly. I guess I’m an “elderly” type person but I wasn’t born in this area so I get a pass. They’ve been marching backwards since the beginning of time.

I asked the woman why one big failure wasn’t enough for her and why should she want to waste her time doing it again? Then I said, what the heck, and encouraged her to keep beating her feeble brain against the wall because it would keep her out of mischief. Maybe they could even get our local GOP Sinclair Propaganda outlet KBAK to run with the non-story once again. Although I doubt they would do it a second time. They looked stupid enough doing it the first time around. The original recall Newsome bullshit started about a month or less after Gavin was elected. At least they don’t let the grass grow under their feet.

But here’s the coup de grâce. Just a couple of days before all this took place the restaurant owner announced he was closing up shop to go on vacation. Yep. But don’t let that stand in the way of some good old fashioned Democrat bashing around here. So he was bitching about having to close what he was going to do anyway. Like I said, good old American stupidity on parade.

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