After Reading this

After reading through this thread, it leaves no doubt that for all their boasting Texas has more whiny ignorance per square foot than any other state. I don’t like Greg Abbot for other reasons, but who would really want to be governor of all those jackasses? I hope all these boo-hooing idiots choke on the virus, just as they each and every one deserve.

Meanwhile, there’s this guy from the city in Arizona known as Ignorant Are Us aka Prescott. But I have nothing to brag about. A crowd of ignorance known as the ass end of California where I reside, were outside putting their backwards Beverly Hillbillies Intellect and Racism on full display with their usual useless nonsense of Trump Flag Waving Racism,and Newsome Recall Petitions. You would think that after having continually failed with their stupid petitions they’d finally give it up but I think they’re incapable of learning anything. On the other hand, I don’t think any of the local media bothered broadcasting their stupidity to the rest of the city since I can’t find any coverage. Not even on Trump’s mouthpiece, the Sinclair station.

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