Facebook Memories

I’m into day five of weening myself away from Facebook.  If you want to call it that.  My goal is to no longer post there except for crosslinks I post to the articles I write here.  It’s a way of seeing who really gives a shit enough to make the effort.  And for the most part, I no longer have to deal with Facebook Crapola and there’s a lot of that.  Oh yeah, I do go through sometimes and like this relatives post or that relatives post but I do wish there was at the very least a dislike button.

And Occasionally I see the usual right wing lunacy and mindless, brainless, twits posting the same old same old and I just feel obligated to stop for a moment and insult them in the best way I possibly can. 

They’ll give you the, “Is insulting the only thing you know how to do, libtard.”  Well, no.  But I decided long ago I was no longer going to debate any Trumpanzee with facts or common sense because I’ve yet to find a single one that has even a modicum of logic hidden somewhere in their brain vacuum fighting to get out.

I am still getting my Facebook Memories that Zuck is wanting me to share.  You know those annoying articles and posts you made long ago that you’ve long since forgotten about.  The ones that pop up to let you know what a dummass you were in 2015. 

Mine only go back six years although I’ve had a Facebook account way longer than that.  I had another account, long since deleted so it’s hard to tell exactly how long I’ve been messing around with that nonsense.

I’ve decided to share my memories but not on my Facebook pages because I no longer want to feed into Zuck’s money machine any more than I have to.  Instead I’ll put them here so that when I’m dead and gone my relatives can come here, scroll through them  and marvel at my brilliance they never acknowledged when I was walking the earth.  Better very late than almost never I suppose. 

So, let’s get this show on the road.  Some speak for themselves.  Some have commentary built in like this first one. I’ll throw in my present day two cents worth when necessary.  Like the following is even more true these days although electing a Democratic Congress two years ago may have been a baby step in getting us back on track.  But it’ll take a lot more than that.  If we even survive Trump’s War or Melania the Boob’s lawsuits for suggesting she was once a ho-bag.

And this one pretty much goes along with the above.

Princess Leia has her say.

I’m pretty sure I did this picture of Donna Douglas as my profile to help all those who were in mourning and overcome with grief when she died.  I did a lot of stuff with classic TV shows and more of these will pop up as we go along.  Don’t ask me my opinion on her celebrity because I might feel compelled to tell you.

I haven’t lived in Ohio since 2001. But I sort of kind of still follow the Reds. Here they announce the 2014 New Year the only way they know how. With a couple of Jerseys. Frankly, I don’t remember this or sharing it but I guess I did. It’s not like it was an important event.  And six years later, Rose still isn’t in the Hall of Fame.  Guess he did something really bad like use Steroids.

One of my favorite meme’s and my late brother certainly thought it was funny. I’ll be writing more about him later in the month.

Any meme with Rod Serling is worth its weight in gold.

A co-worker of mine insisted very vehemently that it was Penelope Cruz who starred in the Zorro movies along with Antonio Banderas. I had to post this to prove to her otherwise.

This is just a Facebook banner I made for my page to pretty it up with one of my hobbies. Collecting classic TV shows on DVD/Bluray.

For two years, having internet at my home has been an ungodly mess.  A hassle.  And it is proof positive that FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, is nothing but a whore for the ISP’s.  It’s a long horror story, that I’ll get to some day.  I’m in better shape internet wise now than I was then but not much.  Word of advice: Never ever get satellite internet whether it’s Hugh’s or ViaSat.  Find something else even if you have to pay more.  Cut corners elsewhere.

I have no clue where I got this hamburger concoction, or what it was called.  But I remember it looked terribly unappetizing.  The wrapper on it doesn’t ring any bells but maybe it will for you.  Yech!  Not sure you can really call this beef.

Sometimes when you get it right, you get it right.  It was the final season of The Big Bang Theory and I was hoping the writers and producer wouldn’t totally screw it up after 12 seasons.  The memory of the final season of How I Met Your mother still gnaws away at me.  What a disgrace!

The Big Bang Theory was much better, with the final two episodes being just fine.  While it wasn’t perfect (way too much time on the two clowns trying to steal the Nobel Prize from Sheldon and Amy) at least it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.  And the writers apparently took my suggestion although it would have been fun if this happened early in the season and we had gotten to watch Leonard and Amy deal with her pregnancy.

And finally, five years ago my son was having crappy weather in Virginia.  That’s not unusual this time of the year.  What kind of weather is he having this year?  Wait a minute and I’ll go a short ways down the hall and ask him.

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