From The Alley

I’m not sure who is interested in the ramblings of a 68 year old nobody, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll be retiring soon and everybody needs a hobby so why not this one?

I could have easily had stuck with Blogger, my blog service of choice since about 2006, but a while back they screwed me out of my domain name through their ineptitude. Now it’s a foreign porn depot and no, I won’t link to it. It’s embarrassing to have it associated with me. Not that I have anything against adult entertainment, but I don’t want to be remembered for having helped promote some of Melania Trump’s hobag acquaintances.

My most successful writings came in 2005, during the heyday of American Idol. I was offering up my opinions and predictions on regular basis and while it may have been small potatoes to some, 5,000 plus hits a day to me was the big time. But I have low expectations. I just know I was successful enough to get someone who claimed he was the cousin of one of the contestants to threaten me, and the mother of another one of the contestants who gave me hell for publishing some background on her daughter. That’s okay though because if ever I felt the fix was in on that show, that was the year. Shortly after I had to give up the blog anyway because instead of life finding a way, life gets in the way.

But you’ll see a bit of everything here. I’m extremely opinionated about most things. Just don’t ask me what I think of the current season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette because I don’t watch that mind numbing nonsense.

I’ll also be rerunning stuff from my blog archives including one I have on a Word Press Free Account that I used while I decided whether or not to go full throttle. And once I get all that stuff here, I’ll be deleting that. So you may see some old posts for a while. Everything else, like stuff from Blogger, will be labled as from the Archives. I may even post one of my old American Idol articles just for kicks.

I should post a picture here to draw your attention. So how about this one. The subject of that kid in The Poseidon Adventure (1972) cane up yesterday on Twitter. I hate that kid. Or at least the fictional one in the movie. The person that played him may be a great guy. This is from a review I wrote about 15 year ago. Eventually I may post the whole thing.

Have a good day and drop by often.

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